This is the first and only such service in the market
The connection of autobets occurs in several clicks. Then everything works automatically
Pay once and use autobets for unlimited quantity of newsletters. Rates
Data is sent via API or secure browser channels. No one will have access to it
Select mailouts
Subscribe to the forecasts of leading professional analysts. Activate the autobets for the selected subscription option and you can turn off the Internet. The pros risk their money and reputation; they can be trusted.
And forget about betting
When an analyst posts a forecast in their mailout, the service automatically makes a similar bet in your bookmaker account. Currently, autobets work with Pinnacle and 1sxtavka, but soon we will connect other bookmakers as well.

Service statistics

69 596 Autobets q-ty
31 398 284 o Turnover for 6 months
15 sec Average time of bet
43 Quantity of active bets
3 744 o Active bets sum
  • Do I need to install additional software on my PC?
    No, bets are made from your account at the bookmaker, but through our servers using individual proxies.
  • Does the coefficient subside while the bet is made?
    Our forecasts are for both big and small markets. As you know, if you put many people and large amounts at once, then the coefficient can subside. Due to this reason, there are times when your coefficient in the office can differ both in the larger and smaller directions, since the bookmaker can change it within a minute. But in most cases, in particular for big markets, it persists or decreases very slightly.
  • Are there any cases when the autbet does not work?
    The autobet may not work only in the following cases:
    • your bet exceeds the maximum set by the bookmaker
    • at the time of betting, the bookmaker withdrew the event or match from the line
    • at the time of betting, the bookmaker blocked coefficient and a chance to bet
    In other cases, the autobet always works.
  • How safe is it for my account?
    At the time of connection of the autobet, we assign an individual IP address to each login in BC. In other words, rates of different users will be made from different IP addresses and will never intersect. IP address is used only once for one login at the bookmaker. This means that even if the user stops using the autobet, it's IP will still not be used anywhere else in the future.
  • For which bookmakers does it work?
    It currently works for the bookmakers - Pinnacle and 1xstavka
  • When will the bet be made after the forecast is published?
    The Autobet system will place your bet within 15-25 seconds after the publication of the forecast by the capper. The time spread is related to external factors, such as the number of users who have an autobet connected and network bandwidth. We make every effort to ensure that your bet is placed in the shortest possible time.