This is how it works


You make forecasts as usual, trying to show high returns and percentage of winning bets

The higher the numbers, the more people subscribe to your mailouts or buy forecasts for specific matches

They get top notch predictions from pros.
You get the money. Easy Street


And how much?


No tariffs, no special paid accounts - everything is free. We only take a pitiful percentage from your earnings, you won't even notice.

Earn on Your Hobby

There are three options
Sell subscriptions to your mail outs
Mail out is the regular publication of forecasts. For example, you are an expert in the Russian Soccer Championship. There are a lot of people who are ready to receive expert signals, and not lose money to bookmakers as luck would get it. It is more profitable for them to subscribe to you once and to profit from the entire championship rather than pay for each individual match.
Sell single forecasts
Not all people want to buy subscriptions to a series of forecasts. You can create separate paid forecasts outside the mail out specifically for them.
Collect donations from subscribers
If your forecasts work, your subscribers profit. Some of them will not be at all sorry to share part of the profits with you. This is a sign of gratitude and motivation for you to do your job longer.
Choose any earning strategy. Experiment, combine, alternate - there are no restrictions. You decide how to share forecasts with your audience and how to attract new subscribers.

For our part, we guarantee 100% honest and transparent statistics.
It is unlikely that it will be possible to cover all the capabilities of the service in this letter. Enter and try. As you go, you will figure it out. Everything is simple and intuitive.
We work with the coolest bookmakers
All events on the line of bookmakers in the pre-match and live are taken with real coefficients on-line
We support the most popular sports
And we also have the protection of forecasts from leaking and bots, we have a capability of delayed publication of bets; chat with subscribers under each forecast and caring support service