Safe Transaction
It guarantees the subscriber a refund in case, if the capper does not comply with the mail out conditions
This is the only such service in the field of bets, which has no analogues; a service, where the bank acts as the guarantor
All checks and confirmations occur automatically and instantly
Money is stored in a special bank account; the capper will not receive it until the end of the subscription period
For settlements, use bank cards issued by the Bank of the Russian Federation and others if they can be verified
  • What fee does a capper pay to sell a subscription to his mail out?
    The capper is charged a fee of 6.5% of the subscription price set by him (includes the bank's commission and agency fees). If the subscription cost of the capper is less than 2000 rubles, then a fee of 30 rubles + 5% is charged.
  • What fee does the user pay for the purchase (transaction of funds through the bank) of a mail out subscription?
    The User pays an additional 2.8% of the cost of a subscription on the capper’s mail out
  • What terms and conditions shall the capper follow in order for the subscriber's funds to hit his card?
    The capper must meet the minimum number of forecasts published during the calendar period for which the subscription was purchased - for each subscriber individually. Minimum number of forecasts to be made by capper for 7 calendar days of subscription for each subscriber is:
    • 3 (three) forecasts
    • 14 days - 6 (six) forecasts
    • 30 days - 13 (thirteen) forecasts
  • Where can I learn more about service rules and mail out rules?
    The purchase of a mail out subscription or forecast by the User with subsequent crediting of funds to the capper is carried out within the framework of the Agent Offer Agreement and the Secure Transaction Offer Agreement. General mail out rules are available in the Mail Out Rules section.
  • What is the minimum and maximum cost a capper can set for their mailings/forecasts?
    The minimum cost of a mail out subscription is 500 rubles. The minimum cost of the forecast is 100 rubles. The maximum cost of a subscription to a mail out or the cost of one forecast should not exceed 15,000 rubles.
  • How does the capper get paid from sales of services (subscriptions, forecasts)?
    Money from the sale of a mail out subscription is frozen by the bank until the expiration of the subscription period purchased by the user (7, 14 or 30 days). If the capper meets the conditions, the money is credited to the account card linked to the account; if not, then it is returned to the buyer.
    Funds from the sale of individual paid forecasts are credited after the status of the match is known. If the status of the match is "Completed," then the card of the capper is paid. If the match has the status "Postponed" "Canceled," then there is a refund to the buyer of the forecast.
  • What is needed in order to receive the payment?
    The capper needs to link the card in his profile settings in order to receive payments for the sale of his\her services (subscriptions and forecasts). Identification and linking of the card is carried out by a third party - the bank is a partner through a secure connection. We don't store any card data.

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